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Our Vision and Mission;

KARAKOÇ MASS HOUSING BUILDING has accomplished its mission by using the developing technology and knowledge and by achieving success and unconditional customer satisfaction in the construction sector. To provide service with economic, aesthetic and safe minimum cost and maximum quality understanding in all our works since 2001, taking our place among the leading companies in the sector by transferring this success from generation to generation and maintaining for many years is our essential vision.

KARAKOÇ MASS HOUSING BUILDING primarily aims that development of The Republic of Turkey, continuing its presence among advanced civilizations, increasing its international prestige and respectability and being an international leading company in its sector. For this purpose, it continues its activities by considering the issues of protecting whole natural life, protecting workers' health and safety without exception and continuously improving the work environment. Our company has adopted and accepted all these issues as a MISSION.

In line with our vision and mission, KARAKOÇ MASS HOUSING BUILDING has adopted the following points as a principle in all its activities.

• Total quality approach,

• Being respectful to the environment and sensitive to the prevention of pollution,

• Always consider "safety, technique, economy, and aesthetics", which are the basic principles of engineering,

• Ensuring the common interests of customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and Turkey.

Along with these principles, KARAKOÇ MASS HOUSING BUILDING undertakes the following.

• Ensuring customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements,

• In all activities, complying with the legislation in force, obeying the directives and rules of the organization and the contracts signed,

• Adopting and expanding the sensitivity that prioritizes the prevention of environmental pollution,

• Improving the technique by following all technological and sectoral developments closely,

• Developing and improving continuously of the established systems, Providing human resources, technology, financial resources and concentration that will ensure the continuousness of the system,

• Creating an organization that learns, constantly develops and shares by giving importance to education and ensuring its continuity and supporting the participation of all employees in continuous improvement activities by encouraging multi-directional communication.